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Services:  Our Process

Leadership Crossroads uses a structured yet flexible process to engage with you.  Since each client's challenges are different, we leave room for extensive customization.  That notwithstanding, none of these steps should be skipped.

I. Preparation Phase

This phase serves to identify and clearly define the tasks and services to be performed by us.  It is free of charge for the client but requires extensive communication.

  Through interviews with the client and possibly some of the client's employees.   Jointly with the client to ensure a common understanding.  Includes definition of success metrics.   Includes objectives & scope of assignment, metrics, fees, terms and conditions, client's responsibilities.  
II. Engagement Phase

The acceptance of our proposal is the kick-off point for the engagement.  Depending on the nature of the tasks and services, our consultant(s) may or may not be working at the client's site.  Progress will be reported regularly.

  To be finalized jointly with client.  Plan includes roles&respo definitions.   Implementation of action plan. Includes regular progress checkpoints.   Metrics evaluation, overall project assessment and "Lessons learned"  
III. Future Engagements
We strive to make every client engagement one that leaves the client fully satisfied and interested in future engagements with us.  This is founded in our strong belief that long-term relationships are in both the client's and our own best interest.
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