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Blended Online Training:  Working Effectively across Cultures


Note:  Step 2 can be merged with Step 4 for a single webinar

  • High-impact training for leaders and members of global teams
  • Can be spread over as little as 2 days and as much as 2 weeks
  • Flexible schedules allow learners to get most of their normal work done
  • Online access from anywhere facilitates multi­cultural learning
  • Newsletter informs learners of next steps
  • Password-protected site provides self-paced modules, course information, and additional materials



Understand how success in international teamwork requires not only modifying behaviors but also challenging one's fundamental assumptions about other people's values and intentions.  Learn about important cultural concepts and how to effectively communicate and collaborate with people in other countries.


Cultural values and preferences: individualism vs. the group, tasks and relationships, authority, uncertainty, controlling time; dealing with accents and other language barriers; direct vs. indirect communication; building trust and nurturing teamwork.  Includes many examples and exercises from cultures around the world.

Key Learning Points

  • Familiarize yourself with intercultural knowledge that holds practical value in your work context, and know when to dig deeper
  • Explore your experience and translate it into successful practices and actions
  • Learn effective strategies and approaches that enable you to communicate, influence, and collaborate successfully across cultural and language barriers

Target Audience

Current and future leaders of domestic and international cross-cultural teams & organizations

This training can also be delivered on-site.  Please  contact us if you would like to receive further information  about this or any other workshop.
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