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Book Reviews

For your benefit, we regularly review management books on topics that are relevant for international business strategies and interactions.  Some of them may not specifically be targeting cross-cultural aspects; we only include such publications if their content may still help you learn about foreign business practices and cross-cultural challenges.
To read any of the books, simply click on its title.  Below is only a subset of what's available, so please  check out our newsletter archive for a complete list!

Global Cultures

Book review
Cultures And Organizations
  by Geert Hofstede

A comprehensive model and atlas of cultures by the renowned Dutch interculturalist.  Most of his findings go back to his work for IBM in the 1960's and 1970's, researching differences in culture between 50 countries around the world.

Book review
The Culture Map
  by Erin Meyer

INSEAD professor Erin Meyer presents a fresh approach to defining cultural dimensions in ways that make them meaningful and easily applicable in a global business context.

Book review
When Cultures Collide
  by Richard D. Lewis

A heavyweight global business culture guide covering more than 50 countries world-wide.  Includes extensive discussion of underlying cultural differences and ways to manage across cultures.

Book review
Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands
  by Terri Morrison, Wayne A. Conaway, George A. Borden

Comprehensive guide on protocols, behaviors, and business practices in 60 countries.  Includes overviews and short culture introductions for each of them.

Book review
When in Rome or Rio or Riyadh...
  by Gwyneth Olofsson

Gives answers to numerous questions relating to the cultural peculiarities of 33 countries around the world.

Book review
The Geography of Thought
  by Richard E. Nisbett

Entertaining and thought-provoking studies about Western and East Asian ways to perceive the world.

Specific Cultures

Book review
Understanding American and German Business Cultures
  by Patrick Schmidt

A valuable reference guide for anyone wanting to learn more about how business is conducted in these cultures. Includes many stories and cross-cultural case studies.

Book review
Chinese Business Etiquette
  by Scott D. Seligman

A very comprehensive guide to business protocol and manners in China.  Also explains underlying cultural concepts, making it easier to get ready even for unexpected situations.

Book review
One Billion Customers
  by James McGregor

An outstanding encyclopedia of insights into Chinese culture, politics, and practices illuminating the path to business success in the country.

Book review
French or Foe
  by Polly Platt

While not without flaws, this is a useful source for information about country and culture.  Countless examples, short stories, and interviews make it entertaining reading.

Book review
Dave Barry Does Japan
  by Dave Barry

Very entertaining book that is both funny and insightful at the same time.  Barry does a remarkable job capturing many essentials of Japan's unique culture - and he makes you laugh while doing so.

Global Business

Book review
The Intelligent Negotiator
  by Charles Craver

One of the best comprehensive writings about basic and advanced negotiation techniques, including many any global business leader is likely to encounter when interacting with foreign cultures.

Book review
Global Negotiation: The New Rules
  by William Hernández Requejo and John L. Graham

A well-written guide to global negotiating, with many insightful stories and sound advice on negotiation principles and strategies that work in international settings.

Book review
Where In The World Is My Team?
  by Terence Brake

An entertaining story presenting the challenges and struggles of working in a virtual multi-cultural team environment.  The author manages to present a comprehensive set of corresponding leadership strategies without ever making the book boring to read.

Book review
Bargaining Across Borders
  by Dean Allen Foster

This "how-to" guide to negotiating successfully anywhere in the world includes some insightful analysis and alerts its business audience of the need for increased cultural sensitivity.

Book review
Big in Asia
  by Michael Backman and Charlotte Butler

A rich source of insights and perspectives for Westerners with a business interest in the region, from expatriate managers to business travelers looking to leverage the opportunities presented by Asia's economic boom.

Book review
Can Asians Think?
  by Kishore Mahbubani

With the experiences of 9/11 and the effects of globalization casting long shadows on the historic view of East-West relationships, this collection of essays by the former Ambassador of Singapore to the United Nations is very relevant.

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