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Blended Online Training:  Successful Cross-Cultural Management

  • Comprehensive training for current and future global leaders
  • Spread over 3-5 weeks (example shows three-week outline); flexible schedules allow learners to get most of their normal work done
  • Online access from anywhere, combined with extensive team colla­boration, facilitates intense multi­cultural learning
  • Newsletter informs learners of next steps
  • Password-protected site provides self-paced modules, course information, and additional materials


This course explores how culture-specific values and practices impact managers working in international/global business settings. We identify and develop a set of cross-cultural management strategies that enable business leaders to interact effectively with global organizations, clients, vendors and third parties.


Global communication; how culture influences values and business practices; business etiquette; culture-specific influence and decision making; international negotiation; handling conflict across cultures; multicultural leadership. Includes many examples, stories, and case studies from all parts of the world.

Key Learning Points

  • Understand cross-cultural value differences and learn to communicate effective across cultures, languages, and different geographies
  • Develop practical management strategies in areas such as motivation, team building, influence, negotiation, and conflict handling
  • Master real-world global management and leadership challenges

Target Audience

Leaders of global companies or business units; senior executives with global responsibility; global project and program leaders

This training can also be delivered on-site.  Please  contact us if you would like to receive further information  about this or any other workshop.
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