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Services for Global Leaders

You are an executive or a senior leader? You are highly effective in guiding, motivating, and developing your workforce?  But your experience in managing across national and cultural boundaries or in making a diverse local work team effective is limited?

Global Leaders

We can help you become a high-impact Global Leader.  Starting with personal and cross-cultural preference assessments, the program includes a series of trainings addressing general cross-cultural skills, specific groups of cultures and their sensitivities, and the challenge of leading other leaders who don’t share one’s cultural background.

As a result,  you will

  • be able to identify multicultural opportunities and threats to your business,
  • improve your influence and reach across cultural boundaries,
  • become a more effective leader of any multinational workforce.

To learn more about how to develop your global leadership skills, read  Ten Steps to Prepare For Global Business Interactions.
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