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Book:  Negotiating International Business   by Lothar Katz

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How is negotiating internationally different from doing it back home?   How do I start right?   What will make me effective in a specific country? Which negotiation techniques can I use and which ones should I avoid?   How do I effectively build relationships with my foreign counterparts?   How much after-work socializing is expected and even necessary?   What is expected of females?

Negotiating International Business  is a comprehensive reference guide that provides answers to these and many other questions.

Part I  introduces fundamental aspects of international business negotiations.  Since culture impacts negotiations, negotiators must know how others prefer to negotiate and which practices they'll likely use.  You will learn to prepare, to build relationships, to communicate, to conduct negotiations, and much more.
Part II  lists numerous techniques that negotiators around the world use.  Whether you are negotiating with a well-known international counterpart or a new contact, you will learn how each technique works, how to counter it, who uses it, who rarely uses it, when it may be effective, and when it may not be effective.
Part III  includes specific information for each country’s business culture: Relationships and Respect, Communications, Initial Contact & Meetings, Negotiations, Agreements and Contracts, Women in Business, and Other Important Things to Know.
Here is the advice you need in order to be successful by adjusting business, personal, and social behaviors as required in any of 50 countries around the world.
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