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Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with preparation.

Thomas Alva Edison

Today’s global business opens a World of Opportunity Global Markets represent billions of prospective customers, Global Collaboration gives access to boundless creative diversity, Global Sourcing provides unprecedented process and cost efficiencies.
Yet, success in international business requires understanding other cultures’ fundamental values, strategies, objectives, and ways of doing business.  Knowing the right behaviors, while difficult enough, still won’t cut it.  If you want your global business to thrive, you’ll have to be an effective communicator, negotiator, influencer, facilitator, motivator, and more.  The cost of not being prepared is steep(more  >>)
Are you ready?  We can help you exploit your company’s opportunities.  Leadership Crossroads, based in Houston/USA and Berlin/Germany, is a powerful training and consulting resource for your International Team Development, Cross-Cultural Collaboration and Project Management, Remote Management and Leadership, International Negotiation Preparation, Global Business Strategy Development, Organizational Learning and Development, and Executive Coaching.  Let us help you boost your global success!
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